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Office building shows " hearts " 10 thousand users of MSN200 express patriotic M
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Yesterday, before the name of a lot of MSN China users much " hearts " and " China " model of written characters, convey oneself patriotic enthusiasm with such form. This searchs the activity that is less than initiator to spread quickly yesterday in MSN. End yesterday afternoon 5 when, bright the MSN user number that removes hearts autograph already amounted to 2 million person.

"Add please in front of MSN name (L)China, let a whole world see the Chinese's solidarity. Please forward your MSN friend. " begin from yesterday morning, this brief information is delivered quickly between MSN user. According to this one mode of operation, can show before the name of MSN user for a hearts, expression " LoveChina " (love China) strong feeling.

Microsoft spokesman RichardFeng confirms yesterday, microsoft respect had paid close attention to MSN hearts in the morning yesterday patriotic autograph activity, this one activity is completely be achieved oneself by MSN user and popularize, microsoft did not undertake an organization. And he expresses, to MSN user this conveys the form of good apiration, microsoft respect won't be restricted.

Last noon, just logged onto MSN, miss Li received the information that comes from 5 friends respectively on MSN at a draught, "Present his compliment to think of even if let me join hearts rapidly greatly patriotic cavalcade, support an Olympic Games, object ' Tibet alone ' , right now, on her MSN contact list already a hearts, have not enough time to examine mailbox, she joined the team that red beloved country signs rapidly.

RichardFeng expresses, activity of patriotic to the hearts that MSN user initiates autograph, MSN gives promotion the resource that uses his, offer individual character for MSN user for instance autograph, leave a blessing to wait for the Olympic Games. Yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, MSN Chinese net begins to initiate " I love an Olympic Games " hearts autograph acts.

If you want to join this one activity, operate according to the following means please: Falling in pulling menu, click " the individual is installed " , show in mine name casing is foremost next face, add (L)China model of written characters, click next " affirmatory " can. Need attention, when inputting bracket, need becomes input method switch half horn inputs Chinese or English is inputted.

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