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"White-collar standard " why to become jest
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Be in Guangzhou, monthly wages calculates a white-collar 4750 yuan; Be in Shanghai, 5350 yuan of ability calculate a white-collar; In Chengdu, 1900 yuan calculate a white-collar; Be in Lhasa, 900 yuan also calculate a white-collar... these days, concerned research organization announced " the whole nation is main 2007 standard of urban white-collar salary " , on paper intermediary and Internet reprint rate is very high, caused discuss ardently.

"Am I a white-collar? " after somebody is calculated, contented laughs -- so Yu Bai gets our true ascend body; After somebody is compared quite stricken -- flatter oneself white-collar is very old, it is only so " bogus white-collar " ! More person is right this distains to be considered -- standard of salary of this alleged white-collar, the first, the standard is decided too lowly, essential not standard; The 2nd, such research achievement does not have real value, lift foolishly namely simply.

The eye of masses is bright, more sagacious, be in " white-collar standard " on this thing, proved this again.

Investigate and announce " white-collar standard " , what to want to work after all? A the mainest problem is: What cries " white-collar " ? Once upon a time, the Chinese also is with " sit the office " be flourish, but the concept that there is not a white-collar at that time, the foreign enterprise came later, suit tie and white shirt came, "White-collar " the view also came with respect to ship. However, with show photograph of foreign enterprise employee is compared more ten years ago, nowadays " white-collar " concept more and more ambiguous, range is bigger and bigger -- the civil service employee of Bao Jie company calculates a white-collar of course, IT company staff also should calculate, with this analogize, working property comparatives (work even more relaxed, collar is whiter) power company, medium the civil service employee of the branch such as tobacco of oil, China also should be brought into of course among them, and of a few private companies " office young lady " (Office Lady) it is OK also to seem classify white-collar group... come so, the category of this one group is already clinking numerous and jumbled, and its income also span is great. Very apparent, alleged " white-collar " , the generally refer to that evolves into a dinkum folk already nowadays is polite perhaps word, do not get seriously. The in sad earnest releases alleged white-collar standard, more will regard as with income think exclusively, as good as at will a paragraph " a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast " , must expression sings a law solemn and respectfully to deduce with beautiful tone, funny rather.

And, as Chinese economy structure complication increasingly, social division of labor is finer and finer also, sheet leans " white-collar " , " blue collar " had used not quite, appeared not only " ash is gotten " , " gold is gotten " , " pink is gotten " , even " blue collar " also want fractionize to be " acute is blue " , " Pu La " and " deep blue " . This concerned orgnaization was released " white-collar standard " , is it possible that before long in the future, release even " get series " standard? Such, be not the research task that will come a few years to have assured source!
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