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Price achieves Beijing office building again new center of high trade of triumph
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A few days ago, fund of development of Central Africa of national development bank buys center of trade of triumphant morning world formal already autograph makes an appointment with property of office building of 7500 square metre, clinch a deal the price is as high as every to make the same score rice 39000 yuan, again history of refresh Beijing office building clinchs a deal price record.

Say according to relevant personage, this trade after reaching, center of trade of triumphant morning world is marketable area only remnant three-layer, the attune on price reachs 45000 yuan 40000 yuan for every square metre, add up to every square metre about 5300 U.S. dollors. In the meantime, trade of triumphant morning world moves 320 yuan to every months of every square metre on central hire, basic with the country trade center keeps balance.

Develop fund about Central Africa

Fund of Central Africa development is Central Africa pair of blame that during peak of cooperative forum Beijing is met, put forward one of 8 act. On March 14, 2007, chinese government approves Central Africa formally to develop fund to hold water, head period develop a bank by the country contributive undertake. Central Africa develops the earlier dimensions of fund to be 1 billion dollar, 2 period add to 3 billion dollar, achieve 5 billion dollar finally. The scope of business that develops fund basically is equity and accurate equity investment, fund investment, fund management, investment management to reach advisory service, infrastructure of the agriculture that supports Africa mainly, manufacturing industry, the sources of energy, traffic, telegraphic, city, resource is developed, and the Chinese business development in Africa.

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