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Be aimed at office product beautiful can reelect bigger production base
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Beautiful can industry of mechanic of essence of life grows (Shenzhen) limited company plan enlarges the productivity of its Shenzhen one times make the Huanasheng to provide competition ability more produce base, japanese beautiful can ability of essence of life Ma Yufu of appearance of company limited president visited this one message discloses when Chen Yingchun of Shenzhen city deputy mayor yesterday.

Chen Yingchun is opposite above all beautiful can the contribution that the group develops place to make to Shenzhen economy in recent years thankses. He says, beautiful can the group plans to continue to extend in deep scale of production, accord with global economy completely to develop the trend that pair of office digitlization and automation demand increase ceaselessly, shenzhen municipal government also will support beautiful with all one's strength can limited company of development of estate of mechanic of essence of life is in the plan of Wu of deep enlarge great undertaking.

Husband of photograph horse gloomy expresses, regard Japan as beautiful can ability of essence of life the subsidiary of the company limited, shenzhen company is copycat of main production number, muti_function machine of an organic whole, laser printer and its component, the product of 85 % exports the world each district such as Euramerican, southeast Asia. The Hua Na area that considers Shenzhen is located is the main base that component purchases form a complete set, and at present beautiful can industry of mechanic of essence of life grows (Shenzhen) limited company is in deep factory the area is finite, husband of photograph horse gloomy divulges the plan is in Shenzhen new optional location builds a more extensive production base, strive to will be produced can turn over a demand that increases ceaselessly with satisfying global market.

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