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Lai Guojiang: Review Central Plains grow
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When other acting company begins to consider whole journey to intervene when developing link, central Plains began to cooperate with international fund, Hong Kong fund, hope can organic meeting can help those who develop business cast financing, after also hoping, can do through Central Plains mortgage loan.
9 years, 20 branches, 2000 many 400 shakedown, employee, year sale 200 million yuan, this group of simple data logging are worn the course that group of Hong Kong Central Plains develops in outback business. Real estate of the Central Plains below division of group of Hong Kong Central Plains is one of landed representative companies with Hong Kong the biggest dimensions.
Lai Guojiang of 37 years old witnessed this landed agent to be in of inland grow, during, he also makes work commonly from building member change as Central Plains (China) director vise general manager, begin to be Central Plains (China) sprint appears on the market do hard.
Push forward inland
Entered Hong Kong Central Plains 1992 when Lai Guojiang when, central Plains real estate is returned inside is a new name only.
Was graduated from the Lai Guojiang of courtyard of literature of Hong Kong university 1991, entered Hong Kong Central Plains 1992, make from basic level, the plan that participates in Hong Kong and project of outback real estate and sale work, entered administrative layer 1994, begin to manage the business of Hong Kong area. The first time as a result of outback estate is macroscopical 1995 adjusting control, the business of Hong Kong Central Plains also is affected, subordinate core personnel also gradually leave, this gave Lai Guojiang a very big blow, his career also began to enter low ebb period accordingly.
1996 Lai Guojiang chose to arrive inland, manage the business of whole interior.
"The talent demand of Hong Kong is in saturated condition at that time, the chance that I can get is not much. If I am in Hong Kong to be engaged in a same job, the development space that I can get is prime inland of be not a patch on. The development space that I can get is prime inland of be not a patch on..
The first station that Lai Guojiang enters inland is Beijing, help firm extends the business that the company is in Beijing. After this participated in the business of branch of Shanghai, Guangzhou early or late again.
1997, lai Guojiang leads a few employee, march Shenzhen market, from now on the intermediary of Shenzhen entered Central Plains times, lai Guojiang becomes the general manager of Shenzhen area.
An office a few pieces of tables 4 people, place produced Shenzhen company to hold water so in.
But in entering the Central Plains of Shenzhen to not was like an imagination successful in that way. "The difficulty that encounter is very much, the direction that develops to the company greatly, small wait a moment to barrier of such as language, habits and customs. The mainest is, business of a lot of development waits for us in light of the eye with suspicion. Business of a lot of development waits for us in light of the eye with suspicion..
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