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Outstanding environment models blue city of garden of green jade laurel the chil
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The one side banner that regards landed bibcock enterprise as group of garden of green jade laurel, la Cheng is ceaseless on building city him refresh sell a record, created open quotation 3 times to sell the sale miracle of hundreds villatic product. La Cheng in the market unusually hot reason has a lot of, among them " the child that lets you is more successful than you " it is a very charming.
La Cheng relies on group of garden of green jade laurel on educational brand " education interlinks a system " , with advanced international educational concept breeds the integrated talent that accords with future. In the meantime, pay attention to give the child " double track is made " study condition and superior growing environment, suffer the parent quite mix reputably favour.

Superior learning environment

Blue on July 22 city the 3rd open quotation that day, a favorite La Cheng teachs the person buy a room of form a complete set to express when accepting a reporter to interview: "To search the place that an OK and contented child learns, we had seen many buildings dish. The child is small still, the choice is read here go down, can save many time and next study charge. We had understood the school here and education in detail, equipment persons qualified to teach is top-ranking, friend also come to an agreement or understanding. " the affection of an excitement of 3 unpleasant attack by surprise, piquant child is sticking La Cheng's LOGO on left arm, sword arm and cerebral door.

La Cheng's backside is one accumulated 15 years humanitarian the large and mature community with environmental form a complete set, its distinctive education mode makes a lot of clients be attracted. As we have learned, garden of laurel of Guangdong green jade (IB international) the school is Guangdong introduces the IB international school with the earliest, the most perfect system, also be one of IB international schools that Chinese inland minority can recruit Chinese book student a few times. The IB international of one continuous line of preparatory of this school executive nursery school, elementary school, middle school, university is taught, education of complete English environment. It is reported, the international education building that invests several ten million will be thrown in September at the current year use, the educational environment of the school also will promote further.

The parent is calculated carefully, live in La Cheng, read garden of laurel of Guangdong green jade (IB) international school, can let the child obtain the IB international diploma with current whole world not only, and do not need to be entered abroad read lingustic school and university preparatory, the time that saves at least one year and 70% right-and-left charge.

Outstanding growing environment

The school of garden of green jade laurel that is together with La Cheng with " breed prospective success personage " for the tenet, pay attention to schoolwork study of the child not only, and the individual character that respects the child and specialty, the affection that develops the child business. School open is very much characteristic course, emphasize particularly on the integrated quality such as ability of operation of education student practice, logistic analysis ability, leadership. The school still invites social success personage to open a lecture, work along both lines of encourage annals, moral education.
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