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Business of division of business affairs of long wind zoology spreads value hast
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Square of Xu Hui century

The square of Xu Hui century of position of core of area of business affairs of zoology of wind of ground section chief, the company headquarters that is stationed in to be being entered in long wind CBD, have good traffic dominant position and hardware environment, created good office condition to raise business affairs efficiency. It is reported, this project is different from before of office building hire only do not sell, the company headquarters of this project has whole absolute property right, if whole are bought,can name independently more.

Center of the annulus in oasis

Boundary of road of river of Jinsha of area of Tuo of general of department of a person's mind in the annulus in oasis, true north road, total floor area is close 300 thousand square metre. Collect 3 high levels are classical an office building of 3 the residence, internationalization high mark, annulus business is recreational street and 2 hotels, reach hotel type apartment at an organic whole. These building community are undertaken by the water scene gardens of a nearly 40 thousand square metre organic join.

Project of the 1 million commerce that make the same score rice stars building inside year

Business of division of business affairs of long wind zoology spreads value hasten to rise

BY Yang Yan is daily economic news

Yesterday, " daily economy news " know, the commercial pattern that grows area of wind business affairs at present although with a few sell greatly give priority to, and consumptive class is lower also, but as project of commerce of the 100 much square metre end this year begin construction, the commercial foreground of this area is valued.

Every day the room exhibits network director Xue Jianxiong to express, long wind area is planned to be garden of industry of modern city zoology afresh. What just develop at present is earlier, only project of two business affairs enters city. But every large project planned the commercial establishment of form a complete set, in a few projects formal operation, after business affairs stream of people is entered in great quantities, shop of corresponding business of project form a complete set also can enter city stage by stage, value also can be reflected subsequently.

As we have learned, the business shop that grows wind area at present is shop of business of a few community more, a few sell greatly still have the business shop below office building and shop of trader of partial edge market. Be located in a on macrobian road two hotel gross area to be 440

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