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YARK residence obtains Suzhou the 3rd quarter sells champion
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Be about to stride the YARK residence 2007, review job of this year, it designs initial day from the program, going not the road of common. The abidance that passes half an year sell like hot cakes, YARK residence has become garden area exalted building dish code, more the actual strength that with Suzhou house property of the 3rd quarter sold the throne of champion of dragon tiger a list of names posted up to witness his again and brand. As B/C sell like hot cakes of final room source, D square of Lei Disen of elegant dagger Er lasts sell like hot cakes, E/F commercial square success enrols Yageer business and on November 11 A Yageer international center open quotation, YARK residence is firstly year the job drew satisfactory full stop, but this just begins merely.

YARK residence, happy event obtain Suzhou to sell champion

Regard the international of 5 stars class with scarce bank of golden pheasant Hubei as the YARK residence of community, since obtain Suzhou champion of a list of names posted up of tiger of dragon of sale of house property of the 3rd quarter, proclaim namely course of study of buy of elegant dagger Er marchs Su Cheng's strategy obtains a success.

Bank of golden pheasant Hubei is exalted before company of estate of a sector of an area, China 50 strong, line of business of before Zhejiang 3 strong buy of elegant dagger Er are made with all one's strength, international Lei Disen of brand of top class hotel joins in, the luxurious design of level of 5 stars grade, international is famous of the brand decorate etc and the innovation of 40-130 smooth rice door model, these give colour to add a brick to add tile without what not be YARK residence.

And YARK residence is circumjacent office building of hotel of 5 stars class, first class, international reads extensively the international such as school of square of center, large trade, foreign language is top-ranking urban form a complete set of the standard is already mature, YARK residence obtains house property to sell the honor naturally success will come when conditions are ripe of champion.

Product sale is long like having merely red, cannot be called to sell champion. YARK residence B/C live model apartment, add the time of 2 months accuses source of 1 batch of rooms namely carry out exhaust, source of 2 batches of rooms is fervent after appearing on the market, continue to get of the citizen chase after hold in both hands, show sale rate to already evened more 90 % .

D square of Lei Disen of elegant dagger Er, apartment of hotel of property right of level of 5 stars grade, yageer is you 10 years to be made meticulously. Square of Lei Disen of elegant dagger Er is by the brand value is as high as 8.8 billion yuan Yageer to make, international operation of Sen Lianmei of Leidi of brand of top class hotel. Regard Suzhou as apartment of hotel of type of property right of level of grade of first 5 stars, yageer depends on successful operation the experience of big public house of face of emperor of elegant dagger Er, rich palace makes Yageerleidisen with all one's strength square, successive 10 years, group of internationalization hotel elite is managed meticulously, we are done, you are harvested.
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