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Annulus international MOHO leads office building business affairs new pattern in
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In the city office building centers the instantly that appear on the market, on the foundation of office building of tradition of base oneself upon, a lot of office building go after innovation ceaselessly, office building of annulus international MOHO is the delegate of this kind of office building in. Be located in in the middle of Shanxi road of the heart in office building of annulus international MOHO, overturned inherent office structure, hold to the design principle of agile, free combination, make full use of all spaces. In the meantime, mature public space, public facilities, reduce investment cost, share resource of Wu of top-ranking meeting Wu, financial, law, break spatio-temporal limitation, let grow model enterprise freedom handles official bussiness, be in for its over the foundation of prime increase consider, body reveals a kind of pursuit to efficient office.

In annulus international square (community album example) the design principle that MOHO office building holds to agile, free combination all the time, increase by degrees for an area with every 60 square metre unit, 120 square metre remove carry out, 168 square metre, 180 square metre, 240 square metre... buy to whole greatly, the space that can combine freely, agree with the company demand of different dimensions, avoid the waste of dimensional resource. In the meantime, in annulus MOHO office building main unit has every 60 square metre an absolute property right, what can need buy course of study actually by the company.

As we have learned, in initiate of office building of MOHO of annulus international square moves office giving type, will grow model the company's not commonly used function area, if recieve hall, assembly room to wait,move inside the public section in Lou Yu, each firm agile take on lease.
In the dominant position with the largest office building of MOHO of annulus international square still depends on but 24 hours of office, exquisite office is healthy. Had MOHO, working hours is manacled by others no longer, special agree with the industry of company of international trade company, estate of agency of foreign enterprise Nanjing, originality, IT company that often needs to work overtime.

In the meantime, it is OK that a type air conditioning was divided to offer inside office building the sources of energy with cent metric door is used up, system of air conditioning of implementation office building serves the revolutionary evolution to 24 hours of round-the-clock services from 12 hours.

Current, annulus MOHO office building sells in order in. The salesperson thinks, the main reason that annulus MOHO office building suffers favour in is fill of this office building at present office building market grows model the demand of the enterprise is blank, occupy on product program as a result of MOHO first machine, just brought the exuberant person energy of life on the market.

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