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Beijing banking market provides the economic core area of consequence most into
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Regard Beijing as one of groups of trade of 4 big core, zhongGuanCun is the throughout the country's biggest electronic product distribution centre, in quite long in the past period of time, the photograph of active, high speed that with Beijing other trade group develops is compared, the consumptive pattern that ZhongGuanCun business encircles appears too onefold. Nevertheless, a lot of business rises quickly of landed project, leading ZhongGuanCun to walk out of consumptive pattern " one-way " .

Unbalance of supply and demand is ecbolic new business pattern

Look from the history that ZhongGuanCun develops, zhongGuanCun is not short of person energy of life. Be in early 1999, zhongGuanCun area has become the electronic product distribution centre of radiation Beijing and even whole nation, electronic market almost " occupy by force " the commerce of ZhongGuanCun is landed. It is this so drab that have the ZhongGuanCun of other business form hardly, in collecting nearly 5000 however small agency, should admit on average everyday come from countrywide each district the guest discharge of nearly 100 thousand person. But, because,also be so unique fixed position, the omnibus commerce project that brings about this trade group to be able to be consumed daily for the dweller is exceeding deficient, "Money does not have a place to spend " the true portraiture that became ZhongGuanCun area to come for years.

In quite long period of time, shuang Anhe is only contemporary inside ZhongGuanCun limits the store shops twice place, other the office building that is all of one suit. Meal, recreation, recreational the serious inadequacy that waits for establishment, cause ZhongGuanCun hold office at court the city that 9 evening resemble a sleep deeply besides the time of 5. Such awkwardness, serve as China with ZhongGuanCun " Silicon Valley " this one definition nots agree with badly.

The potential consumption demand that the businessman that has long-term vision won't measure to 100 thousand passenger flow absolutely is apathetic, be the freeboard person energy of life with this peculiar area, attracted ZhongGuanCun square shopping centers to wait for project of real estate of a lot of and large trade to garrison hereat, satisfying area population " omnibus shop recreational " demand while, also leading ZhongGuanCun area new commercial form and consumptive pattern.

Good-paying brings massive spending potential

The consumptive ability of ZhongGuanCun nots allow small gaze. The white-collar elite in office building, give priority to the consumptive crowd of body with IT practitioner, its income is general average level of prep above Beijing, its exuberant consumption is enthusiastic, in the past however ground of have no alternative is projectile was in somewhere else. According to investigating statistic, in Beijing city high-grade bazaar does special grade of the Yan Sha east, contest there is a half in the consumer of card is to come from the white-collar of Haidian area, gold to get. "Haidian earns money the rising sun is beautiful " what the situation is delivering them is helpless: Market operator is creating the atmosphere of prosperous business, oneself consumes need however cannot on the spot is released. One manages the king with digital old camera to surname owner to ever sighed with emotion in ZhongGuanCun: "What ZhongGuanCun needs more now is commercial culture, is not culture of science and technology. is not culture of science and technology..
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