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High heart edifice- - hold an enterprise in the palm to fly dream
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mark builds the domain of Beijing office building that emerge in endlessly, no matter build system capacity or altitude body appearance, or it is heat of media conduct propaganda, mention " high heart edifice " , it seems that very loath... . Although, from Beijing limits of whole office building looks, the light of high heart edifice by place of numerous and grandiose star floor space cloak. But these, a bit does not affect high heart edifice to be inside the circle, in area, become business of about a hundred strength and the favour of poineering enterprise and heat to hold in both hands, there is no lack of among them industry leader and world brand -- Pu Fayin of Bank of China, smooth big bank, Shanghai is travel, medium royal sun combines letter negotiable securities, England healthy foundation of SamSung of safe, Korea, world, United States is top computer of electric, Aimosheng, Swagelok, Great Wall.

Single building dish can attract at the same time come to 4 big finance tycoons of domestic and numerous domestic and international well-known company assemble in, in Beijing industry, area only the high heart edifice of 30 thousand more than square metre is exclusive record holder, this fact belongs to one of markets of Beijing office building big miracle.

Pass understanding, discover not hard, high heart edifice can create this kind of miracle, have the following reason:  

Above all, traffic network advantage is clear.

Beijing is current aorta of the most important two old liaison man -- 3 annulus road and 4 annulus road are located in its north and south respectively two end, by be well versed in of new Wai Street, the travel austral drive car enters 3 annulus, north 5 minutes to go 2 minutes to enter 4 annulus, head for the airport or Beijing CBD from this, cheng of 15 minutes of cars is sufficient but understand; Be apart from high heart edifice nearby, be join horse pasture and ZhongGuanCun know spring thing of road over or across; Station of garden of 10 lines peony and edifice are in the subway in construction nearly very close... . All these, build a high heart edifice convenient and fast stereo change traffic network dominant position, for Gao Deda the miracle of mansion is born created precondition.  

Next, mature trade group creates atmosphere of full-bodied business affairs.

High heart edifice is located area, be in ZhongGuanCun, inferior abstruse quoit of two big mature business circles a focus.

Be in Beijing, with the country of the eastpart part trade CBD business is encircled opposite, be located in Beijing northwest ZhongGuanCun trade group is another very little earth a sector of an area of very little gold. The high-tech estate development that serves as the whole nation and trade communicate a center, zhongGuanCun has the area advantage that strong opponent of international high-tech industry gathers. More important is, place of courtyard of many advanced institution of higher learning such as university of bordered Beijing University, Tsinghua, scientific research and hatch of numerous and new and high technology implement, your ZhongGuanCun has the whole nation's unique technology natural resources and talent resource, the person that make ZhongGuanCun becomes Beijing to do poineering work is most most centralized area.
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