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Estate adjusting control next: Ask for praedial duty?
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The vice-chairman of Chinese estate association that advocates price of adjusting control house should hit “ to combine boxing ” holds secretary-general concurrently to consider Yun Chang to say, “ leaves asking for praedial duty is to adjust allocate, restrain estate the effective lever of excessive investment, should quicken survey, pilot pusher leaves. ”

Also the expert thinks, ask for the action that property tax is restraining place of house price field to rise to adding cannot beyond the mark and hopeful, because undertake to estate tax the first goal of reform is to optimize tax system, make local government forms reasonable fixed position, classification to carry out finance offers condition of an important form a complete set; The estate tax with numberless as the sand now standard is expended, the brachylogy that adjusts its requirement of public finance place, transparent wait with normative degree.

When to collect? How to collect?

Of any categories of taxes proof need to decide its duty radical, tax rate and with the relation between other categories of taxes, in the center of with the place between taxation allocation, the derate of levy and favourable object. The State Council develops Xie Fuzhan of research center vice director to put forward, the expropriation of praedial duty needs certain fundamental condition, it is the praedial registering data of full and accurate; 2 it is to use scientific method to undertake low cost rate to estate; The 3 taxation that are a government ask for tubal ability.

Current, approbate inside course of study collecting means is “ is used below market economy condition progressive make ” means adjust city constant namely all commodity houses according to building type (include the price and area) differentiate for a certain number of different tax rate collects level, the tax rate that house price Yue Guizheng receives is higher, house price is cheaper, tax rate is lower can enjoy a government to jump over much allowance even, can restrain congenial demand so, the normal housing demand that assures common masses gets satisfaction.

To collecting the choice of the opportunity, the viewpoint thinks, if this year 2, the data of 3 quarters shows, the congenial hype of estate domain did not get inhibition apparently, the country rolls out estate tax when possible choose, point to spearhead the behavior that fry a room continuously, be produced to room of the 2nd above first or be opposite levy of unused house property.

Gu Yunchang expresses, of “ estate value added tax leave to ask for and be enabled, ought to discreet, stable, allow each district to have a difference. ” but no matter when roll out praedial duty, should collect persuade to have retain the guiding principle that presses ” , restrain undeserved demand, promote normal supply, for estate market health development is hit base stand tall and upright
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