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Raise capital by floating shares collects money even more look forward to of roo
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National Day around, hong Kong couplet handed in place to become outback estate of business " the golden week " the destination of brigade.

Come from September 28 on October 9, 3 land agent are in abstruse garden of China of ocean real estate, SOHO, China one after another Hong Kong couplet hands in place to hang out one's shingle, its density achieved the new record of IPO of Hong Kong of enterprise of outback real estate. According to estimation, these 3 new frozen capital amount achieves 650 billion HK dollar. 3 landed companies always raised funds of raise capital by floating shares in Hong Kong October the forehead will exceed 55 billion HK dollar.

And unripe index of constant of the middle ten days of a month was in Hong Kong in September landed continue to rise drive next successive refresh histories new tall, successful also breakthrough closes landed classification index at 30000 o'clock greatly.

On September 28 morning at 10 o'clock, ocean real estate accuses a limited company (ocean is landed, 3377.HK) the stock is handed in in Hong Kong couplet 10.8 HK dollar are so strong open quotation, did not get it seems that early the influence of a Central Bank and the announcement that inspect meets silver manage about strengthening commerciality estate credit, rush all the way ever since tall, dish in your brilliant idea 11.28 HK dollar, relatively its the price of raise capital by floating shares of 7.7 HK dollar rises 75% .

Ocean real estate carries out trustee to hold president Li Ming concurrently to express, according to ocean landed strategy plans, the majority of 11.9 billion yuan of capital that the collect after appearing on the market this goes to will be used at having project development. And come since July the end of the year, ocean is located in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian, Zhongshan below landed banner the 8 buildings of 5 ground dish will in succession open quotation, push stage by stage to the market. And come from data of ocean real estate to show, current, the company shares 21 development project in the city such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian, Zhongshan.

The action of example

"Abroad appear on the market the main strategy act that will become below Chinese estate company one phase. " institute of finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Dr. Yin Zhongli expresses, after experiencing the adjusting control that lasts two years, the landed enterprise of a batch of advantages of Chinese already from the get victory in competition, get the favour of abroad capital market.

Successive adjusting control of two years, make Chinese estate company is being experienced new round shuffle. Pass method of of all kinds financing successfully when a few giant and landed enterprises, after obtaining capital of a huge sum, be when take cities and seize territory of countrywide each district, a few have not come true appear on the market the enterprise of financing must be faced by gradually the situation of nibble.
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