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Office building of Beijing first class is average hire drops 1.5%
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The bedding face on the market of office building of first class of Beijing of the 3rd quarter that rent is accumulated this year clinch a deal to happen again and again, stable and driving demand makes market of office building of Beijing first class already successive 4 quarters will induct a quantity to maintain in above of 200 thousand square metre.

Investigate statistic all right according to DTZ Dai Deliang, inside the near future, continuously the bigger average rent that supplies markets of pair of first class office building produces an influence, make drop 1.5 percent, it is every square metre about 218 yuan / month. Besides the near future inside add newly outside supplying finite Yan Sha and ZhongGuanCun trade group, the hire inside each trade group all has the others of different level reduce. Make an appointment with those who be 240 thousand square metre to induct gross higher, make rate of be free buy falls once more 0.3% , for 10.9% .

The new project with finishing near future got more attention as a result of the advantage on hardware. The CBD that new project centers and financial market are the two trade group with brisk top rate as before. The course is longer brew, big odd ” is in several for private use “ eventually this quarter clinchs a deal, make before the sale market phase of this quarter is compared a few quarters are shown slightly active. Invest market respect, letter fund is bought in be located in east the sunny square of 2 annulus is close the area of 50 thousand square metre, continue the brisk performance of orgnaization of be in harmony of the capital inside the move.

Yuan of harbor center and day of ocean international that business of a building, Yan Sha encircles the China trade center that this quarter throws project of use first class office building formally to include to be located in CBD center. First class office building adds an area newly to be square metre of 251 thousand building, always put a quantity to rise to square metre of 5.394 million building.

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