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Office building of Shanghai first class rents demand still rate of driving sky b
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International 5 big one of newest data shows Gao Li international, in demand exuberant reach supply finite influence to fall, empty buy rate achieves office building of first class of Shanghai of the 3rd quarter the historical low cost of 3% , than going up the quarter drops 0.4 percent.

While empty buy rate falls ceaselessly, average rent rises ceaselessly however. This year the 3rd quarter, make a price of hire of office building of Shanghai first class rises to 1.2 dollars / square metre / day, and clinch a deal on average hire is 1.1 dollars / square metre / day, relatively on the quarter grows 2.8% , than last year the corresponding period grows 10% . Meanwhile, the average price of first class office building is 5208 dollars / square metre, relatively on the quarter grows 3.9% , relatively the corresponding period grew 11.3% last year.

Analysis of high power international thinks, office building of Shanghai first class rents demand still driving. This year, all rich seek advice (Shanghai) limited company bear hire Fu Shian of Lai of Huang Pu area floor of 2929 square metre; Company of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty bear large building of new world of Hong Kong of area of the bay that hire Lu floor of 528 square metre. In August, market of Pu Xi office building finishs an important buying case, money of Irish estate company accuses buy project of two office building of Shanghai, square of the area in be being mixed for city of rainbow bridge Shanghai respectively.

Although the 3rd quarter does not have project of new first class office building this year finishing consign, but a few projects that are about to enter city continue to advance hire a plan beforehand. Be located in Nanjing on the west this season starts the square of road, the East China Sea that already was bought by Magensidanli formally to be hired beforehand, this project predicts four quarters are finishing this year, total floor area achieves 72400 square metre.

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