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Office building of first class of the around end 2007 adds Beijing newly supply
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Wear the newest statistic data that the 3rd quarter announces heart Liang Hang to show, in the supply of square metre of the nearly 1.6 million building inside prospective half an year, about 40% encircle concentration in CBD business, east 2 annulus and group of financial market trade are occupied respectively 25% with 21% . What be worth attention particularly is, as the rising sun square, medium collect an edifice (Yuan Huapu center) wait for project throw on the market, 2 ring business encircles the supply inside prospective half an year to also will be close to square metre of 400 thousand building east, become the new central issue on market of office building of Beijing first class. Although the hire inside the near future may present reduced trend, the foreground of market of office building of Beijing first class still is worth to expect very much, average rent and price are put in greater ascendant potential.

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