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Lu Keng takes up the post of Haierde to produce real estate of big China of layo
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On October 10, haierde produces government-owned net print to give an announcement that lets industry guess for a long time: "Mr Lu Keng takes up the post of Haierde to produce president to hold presiding apparitor concurrently.

Although this announcement is very few 10 more than word, but its refract the information that go out to have deep desire quite however rear: It is sea Er found eventually " Er of fine house sea is built " total stylist; 2 it is consistent deal with concrete matters relating to work dovish what even some of Zhang Ruimin that bear is determined to push landed business to business of industry of this famous nation eventually is downstage.

A senior expert evaluates association of Chinese real estate, arrangement of this human affairs is Zhang Ruimin apparently growing the decision that after taking an examination of, makes, because show some person arteries and veins and consequence with sea Er, want to find the professional handler with a strong professional ability should be nothing difficult, but the door of real estate new control that should find one potential energy to understand Haierwen quite deeply to change needs the pan in cogitative, gold. After all what sea Er lacks is not financial capacity, material resources, a kind of connotation that gets military content however pledges compatibly, with Zhang Ruimin " have a common goal " .

No matter Lu Keng is experience of its special familial setting, culture, relation of rich still person arteries and veins and to new landed overall situation before look up holds, accord with company of this China top class nation to search the talent's precondition and strategic requirement, especially he in those days of initiate " new house moves " with what by its carry out goes " new culture is landed " , and he explores in succession in recent years " new Oriental principle " and " new way of life " , it is sea Er culture what can get very quickly is important " software " .

Come down in one continuous line of know one's subordinates well enough to assign them jobs commensurate with their abilities

Our newspaper dogged solely of late Lu Keng and sea Er arrive from acquaintance whole process of the bosom friend. According to sea Er real estate general manager boasts age is recollected behindhand, er of his representing sea and first time meeting of Lu Keng are the Chinese old hotel that is in Beijing is old.

"The talk has ten minutes only, content is the fixed position that produces prospective development about Haierde and train of thought. Result two people feel like old friends at the first meeting, reach consensus. " Chi Yaogeng says.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, hai Erzhi so the Lu in very quick look clangs, concern with the historical setting when those.

By this year May, below the assistance that seeks advice from a group in HP and IBM, sea Er group put forward " Er of sea of 1000 days of give somebody a new lease on life " plan, zhang Ruimin brews long already group each board piece the strategy is adjusted pull open prelusive, landed business is give somebody a new lease on life medium important one annulus. Already amounted to 70 billion yuan brand photograph to compare with sea Er value, landed business this one " annulus " instantly still cannot match to it far.
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