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The awkward Panshi below big tycoon party towerings like a mountain peak financi
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"Appear on the market the capital of a collect will be used at front door project for the most part, the company will be main henceforth hereat kind commercial project, basic no longer sortie house market. " on October 10, pan Shige is accepting SOHO China president " times of an ancient name for China " the reporter discloses when exclusive special interview.

Let Pan Neng be like the gas end this, was on October 8 SOHO China (0410.HK) appear on the market formally in Hong Kong.

But Pan Shige is not evasive the investment risk of front door project is very big, he expresses, SOHO China is all before estimation can exceed the total investment amount of the project. For not rich and generous to project reserve Pan Shige, the front door project that brings investor confidence will be the biggest challenge that he did not come to undoubtedly.

Do commercial real estate only

On October 8, SOHO China hands in place formally in Hong Kong couplet advocate board hang out one's shingle appear on the market, and first days appear on the market to be chased after namely by investor hold in both hands, share price rises amount to 15.06% , assembly hands in amount to make an appointment with 6.228 billion HK dollar that day.

"After appearing on the market the development strategy of the company still dedicated at commercial project. " Pan Shige is right " times of an ancient name for China " the reporter says, "Unless be plot of the one fraction in commercial project can use development residence only, otherwise we won't again sortie residence project. Otherwise we won't again sortie residence project..

He discloses, SOHO China will collect money much the paragraph uses as at buying front door 11 plot of the project are mixed buy new land and project bankroll, and be bankroll of project of SOHO of SOHO of road of the commune below Great Wall foot, brilliance, 3 lis of collect reach Wu of countervail repay a debt.

"The government did not publish the policy of real estate of any a commerce 3 years in the past, because this one domain suffers policy the impact is little, the risk is little also. " Pan Shige says.

He still expresses, did not come 3 years, the company will be dedicated at Beijing and Shanghai two big cities, especially Beijing. Because the business of Beijing uses property demand will indebted can last at outback economy growth increase, and the internationalization rate as a result of Beijing is very high, also meet avoid drops development business venture of a lot of development.

Although Pan Shige states the capital after appearing on the market will be used at land to lay in, but he also states at present the land of the company lays in enough future 5 years to develop at the same time, will not increase land reserve substantially.

Front door project or into the challenge

Will tell to Pan Shige, the first job after appearing on the market takes next front door to transform a project namely.
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