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400 million yuan of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces attract unripe gol
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“ of land of 1 square kilometer appreciates ”18 times

Southwest Xiang Na of bridge of abundant of 4 link division, a puce low layer that provides affection of Europe land wind quite is built group, let a person shine at the moment. 15 years ago, the area of garden of ZhongGuanCun science and technology that just laid a foundation is here abundant stage garden; 5 years ago, here begins to make headquarters base; Today's here, inside the area of the kilometer of twenty-eight thousand nine hundred square that already developed concentrated already 3000 enterprises, created finance income for abundant stage area last year 425 million, average every square kilometer 147 million, and 306 square kilometer creates whole area on average finance income only 8 million yuan, both differ more than 18 times.

3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces attract headquarters to enter halt

”4 of “ headquarters base in the line of sight that the word often appears in people nowadays, this concept that puts forward first in home by abundant stage garden, regard the space that develops headquarters economy as carrier, had become abundant stage garden 2 period the priority discipline of development: 303 buildings had been divided up by “ of many 200 enterprise ” , its China and foreign countries saved big company to be occupied 4 into; Headquarters base on the west side, ”15 of “ headquarters international headquarters building predicts consign of the end of the year is used; Headquarters base east side, “ holds ” of garden of general science and technology in the palm to introduce the key 500 strong companies of world. Predict to 2011 gross earnings of trade of garden area mechanic will exceed 200 billion yuan.

Make talent of service culture tarry

Going be in charge of toward garden area appoint on the road of the meeting, the demonstrative guidepost of wrongly written or mispronounced character of a blue ground: ど of ⒐ of general   wades  ⒌ fellow 8  of  of 8  ⒐ ⑸ moth attacks branch of function of all government of?hellip;… of Chu of  ⒅ Ao is centered in office of a building, business of the division that it is garden builds the platform that removes a service. Xu Weiping of headquarters base president tells a reporter, the development aftereffect of headquarters economy depends on the construction of these weak environments.

The Beijing spaceflight that is located in edifice of eagle of sea of garden area north limited company of 10 thousand new science and technology, the sensor of own research and development and intelligence are measured accuse technical application to be on airship of series of ” of “ god boat, can be placement control inside one kilometer limits, achieve world advanced level. Can saying is 10 thousand bring ” of “ of Yang Liwei, Fei Junlong, Nie Haisheng coming home newly. Fei of land of assistant of resource of company labor power has feeling greatly to the service of garden area: &Our company wanted Ldquo; last year the graduate thunder bud that leaves next Shaanxi, it is ‘ double outside unripe ’ , it is extremely difficult to want settle Beijing, garden area helps us run. So far the problem of registered permanent residence that garden area solved 10 many graduate for our company, left valuable person with ability for us. ”
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