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Adjusting control strength continues to increase next Central Bank multibarrel i
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Report according to the CCTV a few days ago, the Central Bank expresses, will continue to execute firm in moderately tight monetary policy, increase strength of policy adjusting control appropriately, maintain monetary credit reasonable growth.

This year in January, loan was added in September fast fast, financial orgnaization adds loan amount newly to achieve 3.36 trillion yuan, than last year annual adds loan amount newly to return tower above 180 billion yuan. 2 it is price index innovation is tall. 3 it is foreign trade favourable balance and foreign exchange reserve continue to grow considerably.

For this, the Central Bank was adopted raise interest rate, increase deposit to reserve is led and issue a variety of methods such as Central Bank bill, receive a fluidity. It is this year since accumulative total issues Central Bank bill to already exceeded 2.9 trillion yuan, next inside year add 5 times breath, a year period saving interest rate from the beginning of the year 2.52% increase 3.87% current; 3 be inside year raise deposit reserve 8 times to lead, from the beginning of the year 9% rise 13% current.

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