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Company office removes: Of the oneself in business development " phoenix nirvana
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Of office place remove, what to mean to the enterprise? Be a kind of simple office environment improvement? Be the strategy of a kind of development of the enterprise? Be the promotion of company brand culture? The ” of “ phoenix nirvana that still is enterprise oneself? The n/COL the head of a family person of most propbably enterprise has his reason certainly.

Solid amount to science and technology: The business follows business to walk along “ enterprise to remove to be concerned with the development of the enterprise for certain. ” fact amounts to benefit of Shen Meng of vice-president of science and technology to say, begin from 1989, solid the company business section that amounts to a banner to fall began to leave a trace in Beijing: From Hua Lin the edifice goes to burgeoning company, from the office building of the large building aing shady retreat on a green hill with a certain small older building that buys alley of next people university back door, can say, solid amounting to science and technology is migrate after many “ ” . Business so lay open, management rises difficulty is very big, so solid amount to science and technology to center the marketing of relevant enterprise finally together build sale platform.

Current, solid amount to two branches that are in Beijing to be in Oriental square and digital edifice respectively, in Oriental square because be Hong Kong appears on the market,that is company, the collaboration of orgnaization of a few finance that follows abroad is more, the working object that is in digital edifice basically is the electronic enterprise to home, and digital edifice is close 6 become clients are with communication of science and technology kind give priority to, show the under cover is infinite business chance inside this. The area with specific to “ , how do you build a specific business target to him, center at the enterprise of a type relatively, forming a characteristic is very important, some office building of abroad have a choice to the enterprise, he stipulates when you cannot be here here even. When we are choosing office building, those who take a fancy to is its integral commerce atmosphere, our target is very specific, 3 years in if my it is good to decide a target to be finished here namely, continue to stay here, if finish bad, I am about to move, this decides according to my service call. ” Shenyang total call a spade a spade.
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