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Of office entrance door geomantic
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Since ancient times a ” of tall door of the “ that be called of dignitary, the home that low ofs or by the concubine is called ” of “ cold door. Office entrance door, it is a population, affecting company, enterprise promote decline success or failure. The gate is the symbol with whole office the the directest, most prominent space, in people memory, should watch its door to be able to judge its only even inside. So, office entrance door was gifted principal port, it is revealing the dimensions of the office and social class, fortune and ascendancy.

   The figure that the idiom such as ” of lintel of smooth gate of ” of ” of ” of “ ancestry discretion, “ be matched for marriage, “ Men Tingxing flourishing, “ is this kind of meaning is compared. The person that decided to handle official bussiness so is opposite necessarily the energy with the very large investment of build and repair of its gate exterior, in order to show the actual strength of the company. Of course, be not a gate to be built loftily colorful good, stem from the doctrine of the mean of traditional idea, and of safe respect think, should avoid office entrance door too abrupt on the vision. " Huang Di curtilage classics " with “ small ” is Mendanei should spill smallness “ one of 5 empty ” , and “ curtilage gate small ” belongs to “ 5 solid ” . Accordingly, the office should not go after apprentice to provide the situation of the tall door courtyard that its express painstakingly, and should be in the measure of the gate appropriate, form is beautiful, do wait for respect intention subtly, see the moral pursuit of company business and value orientaton thereby.
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