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Uncover the 6 gist element of optional location of headquarters of area of close
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Headquarters of transnational corporation area is to show the whole world that makes in headquarters manages strategic frame to fall, be opposite from section grade level the head office of several countries inside area each activity (education of production, sale, content shedding, research and development activity, talent, financing) undertake chime is moved planning as a whole administrative, be in charge of making a company the constituent form of regional management strategy.

As the development of economic globalization, transnational corporation is become increasingly worldwide the important economy strength inside, the active meaning that to be in a country economic society develops also shows headquarters of transnational corporation area ceaselessly, a lot of countries and area appeared to adopt measure actively to contend for the phenomenon of headquarters of transnational corporation area. In the contention that a few of our country main cities also joined headquarters of pair of transnational corporation area, phenomenon of ” of “ headquarters economy begins to be taken seriously extensively.

Headquarters of transnational corporation of concept of headquarters of transnational corporation area can undertake classified with different method, among them the most commonly used have two kinds,
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