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Unscramble Nanjing house property new politics
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" announcement " requirement, branch of officer of each district estate should carry out executive the State Council stoutly the decision that about prohibiting period room makes over, the regulation that the place trades about period room and decision of the State Council are abhorrent, should stop to carry out. City of city of only kind of municipality directly under the Central Government, plan, provincial capital and housing had risen in price fast key city, this year wanted to realize commodity house basically to sell contract net to go up to put on record immediately beforehand before the bottom in June.

" announcement " specific requirement, each district should carry out economy strictly action of applicable housing project bids system, execute governmental guidance price, cogent reduce development to build cost, be in development profit control strictly 3 % less than. Strict will economy applicable housing is covered model area control is in small model left and right sides of 60 square metre, medium set model left and right sides of 80 square metre.

In the meantime, " announcement " it is difficult that requirement each district must want to finish housing of family of town lowest income inside this year the investigation of the circumstance. On the foundation that masters our region cheap to hire housing demand situation in the round, build safeguard object archives and cheap to hire housing management information system. Cogent fulfil with finance budget arrangement is given priority to, much channel raises money the regulation that cheap hires housing fund, escalate cheap hires housing system to enclothe a face. Each district should perfect economy further applicable housing and cheap hire housing to enjoy qualification test system. Do not accord with a condition, must not enjoy concerned privilege policy.

Monitor to strengthen estate market, " announcement " requirement, from July 2005 the share rises, construction ministry will announce 40 big in main data index and market monitor system of urban estate information report.

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