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Unscramble Nanjing house property new politics
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Hold the post of a professor to think, existing adjusting control policy is not met to the influence of house price very big, can affect house price to go truly of situation should be property tax, this is the practice that conforms with international. But tax of the property inside year is afraid leave very hard proof, hang out his shingle when land nevertheless those who make over is about the same, must consider to collect property tax.

Detailed of 3 ministries and commissions is solvedNanjing house property is new politicsDetailed rules

A few days ago, ministry of total bureau of national tax Wu, Ministry of finance, construction came on stage jointly " the announcement that manages about strengthening estate revenue " , new to the estate that 7 ministries and commissions published on May 11 politics in made about item more refined requirement. Among them, care most to common people buy housing full how is deadline of 2 years calculated etc, announcement made specific provision.

The announcement of 3 ministries and commissions asks, before May 31, 2005, each district should set according to policy of estate of 7 ministries and commissions, announce our region to enjoy the common housing standard of favourable policy. The common housing that asks to 7 ministries and commissions among them clinchs a deal actually the price must under trade on average with the housing on level land the price 1.2 times the following standard, the announcement that comes on stage today made clear housing to trade on average the computational method of the price: It is the average price that points to to trade with the housing on level land inside report period, via adding the housing that forms after advantageous position is average integrated and average price. This price is calculated jointly with concerned branch by management department of estate of city, county, government office of newspaper local civil administration is affirmatory, every half an year is announced.

Announcement requirement, after June 1, 2005, the individual will buy the sale outside be not worth housing of 2 years be opposite, should sum collects business tax; The housing that the individual will buy the common housing standard of more than 2 years that accords with place to announce makes work to export, can apply for to deal with business tax formalities to cess Wu branch, if cannot offer the proof material that belongs to common housing, uniform collect business tax by the concerned policy that is not common housing, subtract by income of room of its carry out namely the balance pay business tax after buying building money paid for something purchased or received for something sold. And this the individual buys a room full deadline of 2 years, it is the card of building property right that obtains with its or agree duty

The time that makes clear on pay taxes proof serves as a standard.

Still point out in announce additionally, each district is bought to frying fry sell and corner land, disobey program and the behavior that control sexual requirement, want to write down archives of estate company credit. Serious to the clue, property is abominable, should jointly with concerned branch seasonable superintend and director is checked supervise and direct, give publicly exposure.
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