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Unscramble Nanjing house property new politics
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I am in “ 6 add up to the bought 150 houses of smooth rice, its are monovalent only more than 1000 yuan of every square, total prices returns downtown of be not a patch on a single boarding house, according to such standard, my house became high-grade room. But everybody knows, we because the room is canned not afford to just arrive in the city zone,such person is 6 add up to those who buy a room. Such policy is too comical! ” this is one netizen on BBS of lane of tea of overseas Chinese road leave a message.

Of another netizen leave a message more humorous, this time I can raise “ eventually the head was an upright person. Our office 6 people, with respect to my house that one person buys in Jiang Ning, although area ratio is older, but with what other staff buys in the city zone room comparing rises, total prices or difference are very much. Work in the same placing always mock me to live in the country, make me very depressed. This answers me eventually can feel proud and elated, because my house is high-grade room, they are average rooms. ”

Professor Ren Xinmin laughs at institute of Nanjing city administration say, of “ Nanjing this new politics very incorrect head, do not have maneuverability basically. Difference of price of house of Nanjing each region is very big, such far from good coming that define average house. North of Jiang Ning, river need not say, it is drum-tower and the difference of region house price that these two next closing that be linked together also be very big. Said again, 144 what does smooth rice calculate, if be belt of two acting people,the child lives to also do not calculate together big ah, this should see particular case.

Nanjing house property is new politics” of “ soft landing

And what be in Nanjing is new politics before coming on stage before long, the policy of Hangzhou also came on stage. Of Hangzhou new politics in, cover sheet floor area is surely 140 smooth rice is the following, other two as identical as Nanjing. Although floor area is covered to went up to differ only in sheet,4 make the same score rice, but still can see, nanjing is gentler still on adjusting control of house property policy.

Collecting business tax at present is the tax rate according to 5 % is carried out, but there is a hearsay to say before this, after “6·1” is restricted greatly the likelihood is carried out according to the tax rate of 5.5 % , increased to include a few projects such as cost of urban and rural construction among them. But of this Nanjing new politics in did not allude this matter.

And relevant controller ever also expressed bureau of Nanjing city house property before this, nanjing won't be severe in that way like Shanghai, Hangzhou hit the price that press a room, want to adopt moderate step to stabilize house price, hope development him business is normative oneself behavior.

Hold the post of a professor to think, house price continues to rise really breakneck, but local government also does not hope to see house price falls greatly. The overall trend of Nanjing house price will be to walk along smooth hasten firm, local district delay goes up inside quite long henceforth time delay drops possible.
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